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 Top of Form Quiz is known as one of the televi-
sion show that is able to provide exciting entertainment
as well as providing extensive knowledge of the partici-
pants, who without denying its presence is eagerly awaited
for every community who witnessed In scientic writing,
the writer has time to realize the goal of this tool, which
of course the cost is quite aordable in the making. The
manufacture of these tools are based on a circuit composed
of AT89S51 microcontroller type, with a switch / button
presses, will produce the output of the LED indicator lights
working it and produce output on seven segment and the
buzzer sounds at the same time in accordance with the em-
phasis given in this series. As for the results to be obtained
from scientic writing that the author would like to help
provide an alternative tool, eective and accurate in deter-
mining who is most rapid in the push of a button, to answer
the questions given by the master of ceremonies (MC). So
the conclusions of scientic writing is to make a tool of the
economic quiz keystrokes, alternative, eective and accu-
rate to be used in answering questions provided by the host
on a quiz show.

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