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Over clocking is an activity that is running the clock
above set of standard capacity. Thus the laptop will be
faster processing. on the production of the maximum over
clocking advised to use the hardware specications that
support each other. Set the clock for over clocking the
processor and RAM can be through the BIOS, but on this
occasion to do over clocking on a laptop Acer 4530 use
TOOLS / Software due to BIOS contained on the laptop
is on LOCK from the manufacturer. Sets the clock of
PROCESSOR, VGA, and RAM can be through windows.
With the software NVIDIA SYSTEM TOOLS 6:03 on
the clock rise is recommended to be done by stages, it
aims to anticipate if the hardware does not have stack
or shock, which would be fatal as it hangs, BSOD and
burned. If in the process of over clocking laptops have a
hang, BSOD then you should return to the original, by
way of restarting the laptop or unplug the power cable
and wait a while and then turn it back on the laptop.
By using the specications Laptop ACER 4530 Series,
ACER GRASMOOR Motherboard, AMD Turion X2 RM
70 2.00GHz, 1.28GHz PC 5300 RAM and VGA NVIDIA
GEFORCE 9100M G over clocked the results obtained
after a 2.4 GHz processor, RAM Frequency to 400Mhz
and VGA core clock and memory clock to 481MHz and
713MHz. And after bench marked with existing software
obtained from the 3D Mark 2005 results in 2067, super pi
1.27.96s, 08.09s video encoder and the stability test using
a laptop with a prime 95 stable otherwise.

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