Heddy Wardony Saragih


 Top of Form Robot car-
rier of goods by following the line is a robot that can deliver
the goods to be placed thereon to the destination specied
on the robot through the options that have been provided
through the LCD display by using the switch as the put it.
Robot carrier of goods by following this line can nd out the
objectives to be achieved by following the path of the line
that has been provided and put these items in an automatic
way the system delay. This robot uses sensor 7 with 2 pieces
of fruit comparator is used to follow the line and calculate
the amount of deviation is used for the purpose, 1 ping sen-
sor used to detect objects in front of the robot and stops
when there are obstacles in front or passing, with 2 pieces
of the DC motor to drive the robot and the rst fruit of a
functioning DC motors to drive the forklift is placed at the
front, and switches are used as input in selecting the des-
tination menu that will run the robot in which the display
menu is visible on the LCD. Programs used in the delivery
robot follow a line is written with C programming language
using a microcontroller ATMEGA8535. Goods Carrier Line
Following Robot Using C Programming Language can de-
liver the goods to the purposes using the rack as high as 4
cm. Many starting point of a delivery robot is 6, and a total
of 18 goals, so the robot following delivery line by using the
C programming language can make the process as many as
108 conditions. Bottom of Form

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