Gomgom Sinaga


 To obtain data quickly and easily today we feel
increasingly become an urgent necessity. Especially with
the presence of Internet technologies that have become com-
monplace in the life of the world community. TCP func-
tions to perform data transmission per-segment, meaning
that the data packet is broken down in the scale quanti-
ties according the easier packet sent one by one until the
end. In order for data transmission until a well, then in
each packet delivery, TCP will include the serial number
(sequence number). Internet Protocol (IP) address or IP
addresses that can be called by its lay language identier
code on a computer network is a vital component of the
internet, because no one's IP address will not be able to
connect to the internet. Every computer connected to the
internet at least have one IP address for itself should not be
unique because there is a computer / server / other network
devices that use the same IP address on the Internet. There
are many services - Internet services oered to send data
such as: Email, WWW, Telnet, FTP and others. But of the
many services oered are devoted only FTP to transfer data
or les. On Scientic Writing The author tries to make an
application TCP / IP, which is used to download or upload
les from or to FTP Server.

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