Automatic door openers USING AVR ATMega 8535 AND SENSOR PIR



technological advances such as the present writer made
??a tool that serves to secure the conditions in the home
or room, the author tries to make a door security module
8535-based microcontroller, the purpose of making this
system to provide alternative security. Door opener system
uses sensors avr atmega 8535 and pears. This system
serves as a key substitute for confessional. System can
interact with one door to another door system. On each
door system can be remote to the other door systems. This
door security system can provide security as it works if the
password is entered via the keypad in the correct state,
then the sensor will detect the presence of pears at the
door will open automatically and will close automatically.
If the sensor does not detect the presence of people at
the front door, the door remains closed. If the password
is entered incorrectly then there will be a warning buzzer
will sound. This system consists of software and hardware.
hardware consists of PIR sensor and keypad as an input
device consisting of C language software that is loaded
night microcontroller as process data. Led will provide
information about the character of the security measures
the door, dc motors serve to open the door and the buzzer
as an alarm or a warning. This security System lined by
password if the password is entered correctly then the user
selects 3 steps to open a door, door systems clock only,
and can change their passwords before. This system can
not work together if there is someone who wants to open
the door then the system will determine which system is
pressed rst door and the door system can operate doors
and other systems wait until it nishes.

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