Faldy Agustiansyah


At present not a few large parks are not
maintained anymore due to the garden watering system is
currently using the car or around the water tank using a
hose that is usually time consuming and can drain a lot of
energy. To reduce labor and ecient in the sprinklers wa-
tering BASED AUTO PARK microcontroller is easier and
more ecient in watering the plants in the garden every
day. The design of sprinkler BASED AUTO PARK Micro-
controller AT89S51 Microcontroller IC is used as a regulator
of the working tool. And the Timer is used to set the wa-
tering time with water as a condition sensor. Based on the
operation and testing of sprinklers BASED AUTO PARK
microcontroller that the condition of working in line with
expectations and the theory behind the design of the tool.

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