Google Map Applications Using Mobile

Akbar Novantoro


 Has piloted a Google Map Mo-
bile Applications Mobile Using a mobile phone using the
software in NetBeans 6.1 that serves to indicate a particu-
lar area. Installing applications in NetBeans 6.1 is done by
ow diagram rst, then the input forms and some of
the components and in the form contained an image item,
command, list element. After all the conguration process
is complete then the save, then play in the build project
or press F11 and F6 last or run around do the project for
this application. When the output is the main page will
appear and a map of Greater Jakarta, and select a list of
cities to choose one of the desired city, then pop up a map
of specic areas that have been selected, if you select the
zoom in the map will be enlarged from the previous map, if
you select the zoom to the map out will come back before,
if you choose a list of the user can choose one of the more

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