SMS Controller BASED ATmega8535

Hasani Hasani, Rizky Satrio Putra


About the study, describes a remote control
service using Short Message Service (SMS) to control the
4 relays. The study, entitled SMS Controller is directly
controlling the 4 relay which in turn could control several
electronic systems such as computers, televisions, Air condi-
tioners, lights and so forth. The author here makes a series
of SMS Controller, consisting of the mobile receiver, micro-
controller, and as our output uses 2 LED fan and 2. The
author uses the mobile phone is full AT-Command Siemens
M35, as using the ATmega8535 microcontroller. In addi-
tion we added a series of LDR, to detect weather around for
the ecient use of its implementation led to a light house.
Transmitter will send a message to the receiver code, then
the data is processed by a microcontroller and converted
into a data PDU to enable the relay according to the code
received. In return the receiver to the transmitter sends the
relay status. If the circuit is active and LDR LDR sensor
receives light, the LED will die, but if it does not receive
light, the LED will light. Penamaan File: 20108927

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