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At this time many motorists
either two-wheel or four-wheel always use the parking lot of
wild land / indiscriminate parking, this is more the impact
its vehicle production in large quantities that do not t with
ample parking available capacity, and lack of knowledge of
land the driver the parking lot can accommodate how much
land can accommodate a vehicle. Thus the authors took
the initiative to create "Detection Capacity Car parking
AT89S51 Microcontroller-based" so the rider can feel com-
fortable and not to question "whether there is an empty
parking lot or full?". This tool is an electronic counter
which can assist in the calculation of the number of cars
in the parking lot on a small scale. The tool uses an IC
AT89S51 which already contains the program (BASCOM)
Base Compiler. The IC will receive input from the sensor
output to be issued will contain the binary data is converted
by the decoder IC 74LS47 as a decimal data that is displayed
by the seven segment. What if the seven segment displays
are maximum number of parking capacity of the land, the
DC motor / portal used here will always be closed so that
no vehicle can go up to any vehicle that comes out of the
parking lot. Sensor and circuit used is very important for
functional, please be sure to note the performance at all
times and cleaned so that dirt does not interfere with the
performance of these tools. Penamaan File: 20108538

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