Abdel Ibrahimi


Auto light
sensor is a form that is used to detect human movement to
light in a room in the bathroom. In the design and imple-
mentation, the problems to be solved is the motion sensor
system, the hardware architecture that includes electronic
devices, and software organizations for a knowledge base
and sensor control. The purpose of this paper is to design
and implement a room by using AT89S51 microcontroller
and sensors. Automatic light sensor works based on human
motion, which features an LED indicator and is expected
to work properly. I.e. if someone enters the room reaches
a certain point will give a warning lights. Auto Lamps
software organization uses the method in the presence or
absence of
ow in an IC leg. If human motion reaches a
certain point the specic IC legs to get the current and
light connected to the IC legs will be lit. Thus, this tool
is to facilitate the public does not necessarily have to turn
on the lights through the switch and save on electricity
consumption. Penamaan File: 20108003

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