The Analyze of Pattern Phenomena In Space Utilization Flats HarumTebet, South Jakarta.

Wan Muhammad Hatta Octaviano


Population growth is
increasingly becoming a major problem in our country, this
is because many an increase in population both fromwithin
or outside the city, besides the progress of transportatio-
nand communications make migration easier and relatively
short so that the resulting home is not suitable to be used
(Slums ) is stillused as a residence. Rental Flats (Rusunawa)
or Housing Property (Rusunami) in Tebet, South Jakarta
Harum became very involved in dealing with the provision
of shelter / housing, because Tatakota Government and
Housing has appointed DKI Tebet Harum this as a place
of shelter/ housing for people who not able or are experi-
encing eviction. In relation to this role, Flats Tebet, South
Jakarta Harum implement development. Development in-
cludes areas of physicalinfrastructure, implementation and
development of parkingfacilities, rest area, as well as places
of worship. In particular dwelling was built and designed in
such a way as tomeet the demand for shelter residents ob-
tain housing that isdecent and can reduce the slum areas.
The two most important aspects of the physical develop-
ment ofresidential
ats is how well spatial patterns related
to space andspatial relationships for space as a place of shel-
ter and properfacilities to function optimall

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