Concrete is a construc-
tion material that is widely used in Indonesia, when com-
pared with other materials such as wood and steel. This is
understandable, because the concrete-forming material it-
self is easy to nd in Indonesia, is quite strong, durable, mal-
leable, and relatively aordable price. In the globalization
era in the development of the new millennium are demand-
ing the implementation of a fast, economical, in the conven-
tional concrete systems. Aspects, including implementation
of a long time and less clean, quality control is dicult to in-
crease, as well as the basic ingredients of wood molding and
plywood increasingly expensive and scarce. precast con-
crete system, basically doing the casting system this special
place on the surface of the soil components (fabrication),
and was led to localized (transport) for the weeks to ar-
range into a structure (erksi). Hebel is a material such as
brick, but weighs the lighter and harder than the bricks.
Excellence in the system-this system, including guaranteed
quality, fast and mass production, rapid development, envi-
ronmentally friendly, and tidy with good production quality.

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