Sutrysno Airlambang


 History has recorded the boats are in
the interests of commerce have been split and manly wade
up to the mainland Madagascar, western edge of the Indian
Ocean to Easter Island at the eastern edge of the Pacic
Ocean. Also recorded civilization of the empire was born
as a crowning achievement maritime glory of the ancestors
who have built a
eet of culture. His lack of knowledge of
the world shipping community priorities and needs for in-
formation about the history of the world's knowledge of the
national shipping situation is compounded by the Maritime
Museum Indonesia is now more modern civilization swal-
lowed, also damaged with age. And this is what encourages
the creation of a place that is able to change and accom-
modate the needs of all kinds Therefore, the documenta-
tion and information about the history of world shipping
Indonesia needs a place that can accommodate all kinds of
wishes of the people of the need for national shipping in-
formation about the world, capable of providing complete
and comprehensive information exclusively of course. Also
became an icon of the greatness of the glory of the world
shipping Indonesia.

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