Study of Architectural Form Masjid At Tin TMII



This study is one attempt to study the introduction of a
form through a process of identication. The ultimate goal
is to structure the architecture of Islam as a place of wor-
ship through identikasian based on characteristics present
in forms of media. The identication is done through track-
ing patterns of study forms, incorporation forms, reduced
forms, elements of composition and form another. search
results and then categorized in interprestasikan based ar-
chitectural forms, and techniques - techniques that are used
in the form of mosques At-Tin. To obtain an overview and
initial basis of how research is directed also presented a re-
view of the various ideas and thoughts of the experts who
have been associated with architectural shapes and Islamic
architecture. In addition, to clarify the formation process
of the architectural form of the mosque, rst examined how
the form start to nish is applied to the At-Tin mosque is
based on data - data obtained from various aspects.

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