Dio Alvaro Feranov


 Rail infrastructure is one of the fa-
vorite, and is often used as an alternative media to assist
and facilitate the activities of a person. This is because the
distance traveled and trains are very fast and easily, sav-
ing time someone in to do activities. People who use the
train to make the railway as a means to get to the work-
place, schools, colleges, and other activities. With so many
managers encourage the use of railway train stations pro-
vide facilities in which to support and facilitate its users.
These facilities consist of spaces contained in the train sta-
tion, such as booth space, waiting room, bathroom / wc,
oce space station, mosque, canteen, head space station,
space security, and other spaces around the train station .
The facilities are expected to assist and provide convenience
for the users of the railway station. With the arrangement
of spaces well and regularly, can make the activity inside a
well and regularly, in accordance with the orientation that
has been applied by each party. From all that has been
provided and implemented well, but not all of these spaces
should be utilized. There are also spaces are not function-
ing properly, and also used in part by a person or group for
his personal gain. Given these problems, the authors are
interested in researching and identifying spaces contained
in some space station, with case studies Mangga Besar rail-
way station and railway station New Depok. Where the
author would like to compare from both the train station
because the station is located in a densely populated area,
and state of site conditions of each of these stations are also
dierent, thus making the function of these spaces will also

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