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Ornament is a form of interior design in the form of
engravings, emblem and symbols attached to the building
bangunan.Ornamen can be attached to the building in both
structural and non structural parts of the object itself or
just on the surface. If further investigation, the similarity
of the terms of the facade and ornaments is a unity that
can not be separated, only ornament placed on the exterior
and interior of buildings. Similarly in Minangkabau as
a result of traditions that have made the view that the
nature takambang teacher for his skill as a sculptor carving
vent his thoughts as a result of habitual life raises a variety
of natural carving and realize the fundamental nature into
geometric shapes. As an engraving it will stand them or
in combination. In Minangkabau carved natural shape
that is often imitated the forms of plants such as
roots, fruit Minangkabau buahan.Namun in no particular
pattern in accordance with the nature of nature itself.
Pavilion of West Sumatra in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
is situated on the north arsipel, adjacent to the pavilion
area of North Sumatra and Riau pavilion. This pavilion
displays 4 pieces of buildings that is Tower House, Hall,
Rangkiang and surau (Mussala) The four buildings are
given a wide range of decorative carving on the facade of
the building Minangkabau.

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