Snorkeling AND DIVING CENTER IN Cape Lesung

Evans Persadagubta L Tobing


 The present
trend was not only occur in lifestyle and fashion but also
sports. Currently the underwater sport of choice. Sport
diving is a type or a particular sport, because sport has
a charge that can be developed towards the achievement,
recreational or professional. Of diving there are several
types such as Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Snorkeling
(sub surface) or shallow diving (skin diving) is the activity
of swimming or diving with equipment wearing a mask and
snorkel diving. In Indonesia is so much water that provide
underwater beauty, especially in the area of Banten, West
Java, precisely at the Tanjung Lesung. Development of
tourist areas, especially water sports diving is not in sup-
port of building facilities that can accommodate all diving
activities, performances, competitions and recreation.
From the atmosphere is very beautiful Tanjung Lesung is
one of the places of recreation, not everyone knows the
beauty of the sea. With the development planned by the
City of Metro Manila in terms of recreation beach, Tanjung
Dimples will become an international recreation area. By
the ingredients, I made a dive center or Diving Center
due to t and complement the needs of tourism in Cape

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