PT Oce Building Construction Project. JGC Indonesia Jakarta

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Implementation of the New
Building Project Oce PT. JGC Indonesia Jakarta. Report
of Field Work. Department of Civil Engineering. Faculty
of Civil Engineering and Planning Gunadarma University.
Development Project Oce PT. JGC Indonesia aim to add
new oce that already exists and has adequate facilities for
employees. The project site on Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav
- 7B. Consists of a block and a tower with a total
as much as 12
oors and 2 basement
oors. With a land
area of ??4852.6 m2, building area of ??16 270 m2, and
building height - 7.0 m and + 54 m. Foundation diameter
60 cm and 80 cm, thickness Borpile 100 cm and 180 cm.
Number of points 124 points, and the quality of concrete
K-300. The timing of the basement of 180 days + 365 days
of maintenance. Green Construction or Green Construc-
tion is ongoing movement which aspires to the creation of
construction of the planning, implementation and use of
construction products that are environmentally friendly, ef-
cient in energy and resource consumption, and low cost.
Have functions closer to the sustainbilitas which emphasizes
a balance between short-term to long-term risks, with the
current form of business that does not jeopardize the health,
safety and welfare of the future.

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