Islamic School Complex

Moch. Hary Purwono


Islamic School Com-plex is an educational institution which has some massbuilding mutually supportive and sustainable existence withall the ttings all the facilities are generally good facilitiesand social amenities for the convenience of the residents incarrying out teaching and learning activities. Seen manyexisting school complex in Jakarta, one example such asthe Islamic University of Al-Izhar Pondok Labu in the area,South Jakarta oers everything complete facilities neededby residents of pupils and teachers in carrying out teach-ing and learning activities. Al-Izhar Islamic colleges pro-vide examples of how such things as the provision of publicand social facilities exist within the institution is consid-ered. But the provision of good teaching and learning andplanned, it is not quite produce a good quality if not sup-ported by good human resources as well. The number ofeducational institutions in Jakarta often ignore the needsof students as well as facilities for students to conduct itsactivities. An Islamic school complex planned and qualityis one of the individuals who produce high quality solutionsto the world of Islamic education. For a school that's re-quired quality and continuous learning programs taught herto produce quality human resources quality and useful forthe nation of Indonesia. From the above it is a good Islamicschool complex is indispensable for education, but it is notalso ignore the school complex is located at locations thatare accessible, ecient in time and most importantly, notfar from human settlements, so the school complex can beuseful for the environment surrounding

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