The stadium is one of the mostpopular sports facilities a lot of people. This is becausemany people who love the game of football, because of itsarchitects as a designer must be able to design the stadiumin such a way as to have a special attraction of the stadium,could be in terms of structure, design, etc. Since the late19th century, began to use the wires from the metal materialof iron / steel, where its use is still limited to the horizontalbridge construction. But now the architects were able to usethe cable structure to create a building with rooms in thearea, with the impression of light, graceful and transparent.The cable structure is now being encountered on wide spanbuildings is extensive. Now this use of the roof of the cableis widely used in sports stadiums that have a very widespan. Cables that are used are usually made of steel. Usethe cable on the stadium roof is very eective. In additionto adding aesthetic value of buildings, structures do notrequire cables large columns to carry the load. So thatthe audience views will not be disturbed by the columns.This has become one of the special structure of the cablecompared with other structures. Therefore, I am interestedto study the structure of the cable at the stadium by doingresearch on a few stadiums in europe and asia to nd outmore about the style outline-style eciency of the use ofcables in the stadium structure.

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