STRUCTURE STUDY CASE STUDY: The Suramadu bridge, the Madura Strait, INDONESIA



Welive in an age of lightweight construction and "demate-rialization" of mean reduction in the amount of buildingmaterials used in each unit measuring function, the unitof production capacity, or units of material utilization.Contemporary architecture must be able to understandthe uniqueness of art techniques. Spread load, divide - forstyle, building materials increasingly coloring the work ofarchitects and engineers. Bridges that are part of the roadis needed in system of land transportation network that willsupport national development in the future. Therefore theplanning, development and rehabilitation and fabricationneed to be considered as eectively and eciently aspossible, so that construction of the bridge to reach thetarget age of the bridge that is planned. Cable structure,to some extent, can be considered as expansion of thetraditional trellis system, all lines of work gathered a forceeld. Instead of working line cable structure style spread.Largely voltages become balanced and form substantiallya force eld homogeneous without special load point, andalong with this important part of the elements of attractionand the pressure also shrinks, resulting in savings thebuilding material is not small. Use steel wire material forforming the structure of the cable to add advantages asstated above, because these metals have the power greatresistance against the tensile force caused by various loadsmoved mechanically.

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