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Today, in Indonesia espe-cially in Jakarta, there are modern shopping centers wherethere is something interesting in it, so many people whowant to experience something exciting and is not somethingextraordinary, because as it is known that the growth of theshopping center itself s fast and much less rapidly, especiallyin Jakarta. mostly the whether or not the shopping mall oramusement depending on which area in Jakarta that en-able established commercial building which in turn raisedthe name of the region itself. Not only provide shoppingfacilities, but provide attractive facilities. And one areathat provides all of that in Jakarta is in the Area Kemang,South Jakarta. Bangka is part Kemang Village, situatedin the district Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta. Villagehas a population of 18,380 people from 4547 families (FamilyHead) WNI, 36 families with an area of 350 foreigners havea zip code 12730.Kawasan Ha.dan It also has a characteris-tic namely the presence of a typical commercial building onthe right and left along the road kemang. In Kemang wasoriginally the function of this area as low density residentialbecause of the KDB also has 20

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