Developments in Indonesia witha population increase of population that is not balancedwith a lot of educational background. Therefore, to work inthe formal sector is not possible. Dicult to nd a job thenthe number of jobs in the informal sector in great demand,one of them is working on a traditional market. Traditionalmarkets are markets that characterize traditional and iti-adat in the past. Where traditional markets are culturalheritage must be preserved. Especially in today's emerging-proliferation where the modern shopping center. Many ob-stacles that make the consumers (buyers) are reluctant toshop at traditional markets. One is the convenience factor.Where is the comfort factor on the market one of them isachieving a clear and not disguised, as well as spatial ar-rangements on the market. That is orderly arrangement ofspace in the market by considering the separation of thesame activities on the market. Penzoningan orderly Youcould say, circulation, hierarchy, and spatial patterns in themarket. As in the Gulf Market Buyung where the stateof the market is highly irregular. Zoning between serviceareas and public areas overlap. Also at the wet market toareas where wet, half dry and dry area to mix into oneanother. The absence of a clear separation with the hierar-chy of space. Buyung Gulf market is a market located in astrategic area and has the potential to be more developed.But very unfortunate because market conditions have notso regular Buyung Gulf despite the renovations. vOf course all this requires the handling of the variousparties. Not only from market parties are working to xit. But also the participation of government and society.Where is the government's role here is to not only pro-vide nancial assistance and physical building, but also inempowering small merchants for processing their eorts toconform with changes in consumer demand. The partici-pation of local communities to assist market managers inrunning the applicable regulations, in this case is to main-tain cleanliness and orderliness in the market area.

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