Syahril Sain Sangadji


Once the rapid devel-opment era in the world time to time very inuentialon culture on each of this country with an exchange ofculture and globalization among countries. Indonesia as acountry that has a high culture, noble, and diverse with itspotential, then it is necessary to attempt to preserve anddevelop the existing culture. Bali as one of the centers oftourism in Indonesia has development very rapidly followedby the splendor of the arts and cultural activity, whethernative or local culture, as well as from foreign countries.Center for the Performing Ballet want presented shouldbe updating to increase interest in local or foreign publicattention for its colorful traditional culture. Therefore, thisshow centers on the design with the theme of Ecology andCulture of Traditional Architecture. Ballet PerformanceCenter is a building for public facilities, recreation, artsand culture run by private parties. The facility is plannedto include Performance Outdoor, Indoor Performances,Exhibitions, Education, Restaurants, Souvenir, FacilitiesManagement and vehicle parking. Structuring Mass andspace in this building using the concept of Tri Hita Karana,the selection of this concept relates to the art of Balineseculture and values.

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