RESORT HOTEL in Ubud, Bali

Muchamad Arief Susanto


Bali Island is an areathat provides all kinds of art and natural beauty of nature.So the design of the hotel resort on the island of Bali usingthe site precisely in Region Ubud. Ubud has many dierentarts and natural beauty of the green hills so that the chal-lenges in the design because the land was in the highlands.In making the resort hotel in Ubud, Bali give the feel ofnatural beauty in the design of buildings so as if the senseof being on the nuances of natural shelter bali architecturebased on the rule, namely tri-tine. By focusing on the areaand the new function so as to provide positive impacts, in-creasing foreign exchange earnings and the economy andalso preserve the area of Ubud and the surrounding envi-ronment.

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