CENTRE Chinese culture

Gana Lowa


At this time the Chineseculture are raised to enrich the culture of Indonesia. Overtime contributing role of Chinese in Indonesia have alsocontributed to the progress for the nation. Specialized notonly in the eld of trade and the role of ethnic Chinese isnot a small contribution can even be said always played animportant and meaningful role in the advancement of thenation of Indonesia. Chinese cultural center was createdto complement the richness and diversity of Indonesianculture and history of Chinese culture as well as a forumto discuss all kinds of forms such phenomena of Chineseculture. Chinese cultural products are not only enjoyedby the Chinese community itself but by the whole society.Many ways to foster community interest in Chinese cultureto be enjoyed by the whole society, and therefore neededa platform to express, and preserve the culture in society.Chinese Cultural Center as a place of activity is expected torepresent the activities of Chinese cultural activities, whichinclude the scope of its activities; Major Activities: Devel-opment of Literature, Development Work and Developmentof the Performing Arts, Allied Activities: Development ofTraditional Medicine, and the Development of EducationalSciences, Complement Activity: Preservation of ceremonialfestivals, and Chinese Communication Forum. The conceptof balance, harmony, and harmony of nature appointedTrinity displays symmetry in the form of linear lines witha strong structure or the geometry of the circle symbolizesthe sky and the geometry of the box represents the morepowerful of the earth, which are all prominent in thephilosophical symbol of China, presented by displaying thenuances Oriental elegant, artistic and comfortable. Fromthe impression that is displayed is expected to providecomfort for the observer who interacts with this building iswhere visitors can feel the taste of the Chinese Indonesianturmoil.

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