Development of the Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel Bandung

Lufiansyah Lufiansyah


Physical development and administration build-ings Bandung progresses rapidly, both built by the gov-ernment and private with an increasingly diverse segmentsof society, this is in line with economic progress, trade,tourism, technology and industrial city. These develop-ments provide many benets to people's lives in the city ofBandung, now no longer known only as the city of Flower,but also called a tourist town, with a variety of activitiesavailable so that the role of a hotel as the inn is very impor-tant. conservation of a building, many problems are verysignicant if we are wrong to take a decision, because nowthe local government or city government has issued a lawon the protection of old buildings that would later becomethe country's cultural heritage. In this thesis the author ex-amines the conservation at a hotel in Bandung Hotel SavoyHomann Bidakara ie, where the hotel is one of the build-ings, including a list of buildings protected by the govern-ment. This study contains the old buildings are juxtaposedwith new buildings that serve as boosters activity activities.While maintaining a style that existed at the old building.

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