Liana Isti


Cultural developmentand tourism always used as one means the existence of afacility Kotan complete, especially trade and services sec-tors are pursued to the fullest. In line with the growthand development of culture and tourism, then it needed thesupport, one of them, namely resort and spa. Thousandislands is an area that provides all kinds of tours, from tourto tour nautical archaeologist. So the design of the resortusing the site at precisely a thousand islands in the island ofOnrust. Onrust island has many historical and developmen-tal functions in dierent buildings so that the challenges inthe design due to dierences in the function of the build-ing. In making the resort on the island of Onrust not onlyshow the beauty of the island but also provide knowledge ofhistory with the island formations featuring historic build-ings in the design of buildings so as if the sense of being atthat time. With vitalization region with a new function soas to provide positive impacts, increasing foreign exchangeearnings and the economy and also preserve the area of theisland from destruction

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