Along withrapid growth and development of major cities in each re-gion or province of the island of Java, both in terms ofdevelopment and the economy. This is not spared by theinfrastructure liaison between the city or province of MainRoads North Coast (Pantura). As a liaison between theProvince, Main Roads has a great distance so it can be ex-hausting both physically in terms of the driver, passengersand vehicles. One Stop Service Area is intended as a prob-lem solver contained in the Main North Coast Road andengaged in the facility. The planned facilities include ser-vice facilities in the form of lodging, restaurants, Pujasera,garages, gas stations, toilets and so on. One Stop ServiceArea is located in Tanjung Brebes district, Central Java.Central Java is an area rich in tropical sun and wind, thusthe theme raised into the building is "sustainable" (ongo-ing). Where the theme is harness energy from the sun,wind, water into the building so as to minimize the use ofelectricity and water in buildingsoperation. In accordancewith the theme is taken the concept of "Flux and Continue"is derived from the movement of vehicles that speed labile"ux" and the rate of a moving vehicle "continue"

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