JAKARTA Condominium

Eri Ardiansyah


na very life of a dwelling who wanted a decent, comfortable,and it was felt by all stakeholders who have married or notmarried. City - a big city like Jakarta were dicult to ob-tain strategic shelter with extensive park. With the start oflimited land in the city as the demand for a residential lotin the wake began with a vertical well to the rental prop-erty as well as private property, and not many residentialbuildings in the vertical stacking of less value in providinga facility primarily for areas with facilities . Along with thedevelopment of big cities in Indonesia need for a modernresidential and elites in big cities like Jakarta city is in needof considering the potential for a thriving city with a goodincrease in economy create residential condominiums startat enjoy doing in housing that oers various facilities inresidence by providing luxurious facilities / elite completefacilities ranging from space to a means for shared facilitiesin it that can provide comfort for the residents living there.In the progress of a thriving city and has good prospects tothe ease of setting achievement that can be expected to bea residential development of luxury ats and elite "Condo-miniun" can compensate for a city of progress, especially inbig cities

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