Azis Irfan Syah


The role of government asa regulator in the development of alternative energy, therole of other stakeholders stated in Law no. 30/2007 onEnergy, the government and the government's obligationto provide new energy and renewable energy as part of en-ergy diversication, and responsibilities of all parties to con-serve energy. Therefore, to support government programsto menyedikan alternative energy sources will require a con-tainer or a special institution which is engaged in research,assessment and development of alternative energy sourcesfuel oil (BBM) which is currently required by the govern-ment to suppress the State budget. The building is locatedin East Jakarta mengabil Energy Ecient theme and usesthe concept of Form Follow Function that are commonlyused in government buildings. Use of the things that con-cerned with energy-ecient applied to this building. As theuse of green roof, and openings are maximized. To reducethe use of lights on the specic building openings will bemaximized. The use of roof Gren aims to reduce the heatthat comes into the building so as to reduce the use of AC(Air Conditioner). Thus some idea of planning for Researchand Development Center building this Bioethanol, which to-day is much needed, and to support a research AlternativeEnergy Sources are irreplaceable existence

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