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Along the development of age in all elds, themore problems. City of Jakarta as a metropolitan city, inrecent years are facing a variety of health problems in soci-ety, one of which is autism. Where the number of personswith autism is increasing every year, but until about tenyears ago, this disorder seems to have not been publishedin 1ndonesia. Suerers are also not encountered. There-fore, when the number of persons with autism "suddenly"jumped quickly, the development of behavioral abnormali-ties that arise during these children then become "specter"is frightening. Unfortunately, an increasing number of peo-ple with autism in 1ndonesia not accompanied by an in-crease in an institution that is able to handle it, both inquantity and in quality. Also a means of laboratory teststhat can detect the presence of heavy metal poisoning, "gutleakage", casein and gluten intolerance, and so on. not beenwidely available in the country. All that remains to be re-ferred to abroad. Based on the knowledge society will con-duct disorder autism is still lacking, even among professionalones, then the introduction, dissemination and informationabout autism in the wider community has an urgent needcoupled with the lack of facilities to support this, hencethe need for container which can accommodate all activ-ities related with autism, both in providing information,education, training for persons with autism, families andcommunities as well as research in the eld of autism. Bylooking at the needs of the community and facility infor-mation about autism, the authors tried to plan and designa building that can accommodate a wide range of activi-ties that comes with autism some supporting facilities inan autism center in Jakarta, by displaying the simplicity ofbuilding form.

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