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Mall building project Cimanggis Depok, a
business development project from PT. Superior Favorita.
Where mall development is perceived as a means of society
to invest in the trade sector. In building the mall needs
a work plan to be produced of a quality that is expected.
Implementation of the work formwork is one of the items
of work to be undertaken to support further work, form-
work is the process by which a work process starting from
the initial reinforcement columns, beams and
oor slabs di-
lakuakan order to get results in accordance with the plan,
until the nal stages of casting and dismantling of formwork,
the job requires work schedule so that the good results ob-
tained and on time to avoid delays in the implementation
process of the next job. In this paper discussed the im-
plementation of the work of formwork, which starts from
the beginning of the
oor slab reinforcement, columns and
beams up to date installation of formwork and casting pro-
cess and a schedule of demolition. All data obtained from
the PT. Favorita Unggul as an executor Contractors. Pena-
maan File: 10399011

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